Dusted off my boots to get them dusty.

The first time I walked into an abandoned structure was in November of 2007. It was an old horse barn/garage/thing in the suburbs. There wasn’t much to it. It had a second floor with a cool yellow room, and this giant wooden cabinet on the main floor.  Regardless of  what was in there, the thrill of being in a place like this made it totally worth it! Just imagining what the little rooms were used for, what used to be stacked on those shelves, it made me want to know more! I was hooked, not just on the thrill of being somewhere I shouldn’t be but I was also hooked on wanting to learn everything I could about the places I was exploring. Thus began my hobby in urban exploration.

Forgive me for how bad these pictures are.

My first “real” abandoned building was about a month or so later on Jan 1, 2008 when Jeff, my other friend Jeff and I decided to go night exploring at a place we know as The Oreo Building. Not only was my first CLE abandoned building done at night, it also kicked off an 8 year and still going strong tradition of night exploring on the first of the year.

Through 2008 I bought my first Dslr and explored a ton more buildings with Jeff. This continued until about mid 2011, when I seemed to have lost some interest in, and we weren’t finding as many spots as we used to. Both Jeff and I went on a bit of a hiatus, me more so than him. The last new spot I had been to up until a couple weeks ago was in early 2012!

Recently, Jeff Kaylah and Brandon found a new spot, one that for the first time in a long time inspired me. It was an old YMCA, complete with a pool and a gym and classrooms. I knew that I needed to go take photos there. And about a week later I got a chance to go out with Brandon. We hit the YMCA as well as Another location that I’ve been wanting to check out for a while as well. It felt good getting back to exploring some new spots. 

The pool room was by far the coolest at the YMCA.



I always look out for cool little things to photograph like these pamphlets.


There’s just something about chairs in abandoned buildings.


Hall of Pallets
The first floor of this place was crazy. This hall was full of all kinds of neat signs but the rest of the first floor was piled 6+ feet high with illegally dumped garbage! Glad it was all frozen!


The font on this sign is so cool.


Uneven Floor
Wooden brick floors in abandoned factories are so interesting to me. It had to take so much time to lay all these down. Nature did a pretty good job messing it all up though.
Golden Peaks
Some cool views from the roof.


Here’s to many more adventures! Be sure to check out all the photos on my Flickr page.